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When to Visit See Your Doctor for the Knee Pain?

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Knee pain is one of the common issues for a lot of people of different age group. Whereas younger people generally tend to experience the knee pain after the injury, knee pain also can be caused by several medical conditions, arthritis and obesity. If you are experiencing chronic or acute knee pain, you might have to see the knee specialists singapore for the treatment.

Some Common Causes of the Knee Pain

Knee & joint pain is caused by several acute injuries, chronic diseases and medical conditions. Some of the common knee pain injuries include:

  • Knee fractures: Caused by the trauma, fractures of patella, femur & tibia within knee joint are very painful.
  • ACL & MCL tears: The ligament tears are quite common injuries experienced among adults.
  • Meniscal tears: Caused during the sports activities, these tears will result from the arthritis and aging.
  • Knee dislocations: Caused by the trauma, generally knee dislocations is caused by the knee abnormalities.

Important Points to Look At When Selecting Knee Surgeon

Availability & Cost

At times specialist doctors have long lists of patients waiting for the appointments. If it is a case, you must try talking to nurse and front office staff. Most of the times, doctors will see people much sooner for urgent conditions.

Additionally, make sure you find out beforehand if your insurance can cover cost of your surgery and if doctor you’re considering is on insurer’s list. Also, you can easily do it by calling the insurance company or doing the provider search of the insurance company’s site.

Check Out the Experience

Experience is quite important for a successful surgery and this experience sharpens the knowledge and skills of an expert surgeon. Thus, when you select the knee surgeon, ensure you check out how long they are practicing & what disciplines they are experienced at. You should know how many times the surgeon has performed the knee replacement surgery & how many they perform every year? Such kind of questions help you to establish competency of the doctor you choose.

Check Online

One can easily verify surgeon’s credentials & education online. When you see the orthopedic surgeon, you can discuss your health issues, or ask any questions that you have regarding your pain and injury. The experienced orthopedic doctor will alleviate your pain and treat the condition with minimally invasive techniques first.

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When to Visit See Your Doctor for the Knee Pain?