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Weight loss surgery for better health

Gastric bypass surgery is called to be a surgical treatment for obesity. This treatment is done post diagnosis of a patients chronic obesity issues, arised due to various health conditions. Ideally, such patients have already tried and tested all dietary efforts but who are still unable to maintain their bodily structure. A series of tests will be undertaken to ensure the physical preparedness of the patient undergoing this bypass operasjon.

Benefits of Gastric bypass surgery

These benefits have actual and quantifiable and have proved to be sustainable through decades of experience.

  1. Significant weight loss strategy– Due to the reduced size of the stomach, the patient is unable to consume high volume of food. This leads to rapid weight loss. To gain effective results, a patient needs to diligently follow a positive diet plan and adapt to certain lifestyle changes.
  2. Decrease in the number of health issues– There are various diseases associated with obesity, which is life-threatening. Diseases like heart illness, hypertension, varied sleep disorders, diabetes type 2, gastroesophageal reflux and hyperlipidemia are considerably minimized with this surgery. Joint pain and lower back pain are significantly reduced with this treatment.
  3. Increased life span– By enduring a life-long commitment to certain lifestyle changes and food habits combined with considerable reduction of diseases, this bypass surgery will prove to increase the period of existence for patients.
  4. Healthy lifestyle– the quality patient’slife who has undergone this treatment will improve in many ways. They would become more positive and active in their daily chores of life. Stress is significantly reduced in particular.
  5. Overall a lower surgical impact– Most often, gastric bypass operasjon is carried out laporoscopically. In this type of surgery smaller incisions are done with the use of a tiny video camera, providing a clear and close up view of the affected area to the surgeon. Very often, Haemorrhaging and pain are reduced by this surgery and recovery time is faster for the patients. Gastric bypass scars produced by the laparoscopic surgery are far lesser than those produced during a post surgery. This surgery takes around 2 to 4 hours.

Bypass surgery conducted in hospitals in Riga, Latvia have shown patients who are able to enjoy more participation in social activities post this treatment. Studies have even proved that obese patients have shown 29% decrease in mortality upto 15 years post surgery.

Nutritional deficiencies post treatment

Certain nutritional deficiencies do occur after this surgical treatment which are mentioned below:

  1. Zinc and iron deficiency
  2. Important nutrients like B12, Vitamin A and folate
  3. Deficiency of Thiamine
  4. Protein Malnutrition
  5. Hyperparathyroidism

This surgery is not suggested for all patients who have weight loss issues,as this surgery has many side effects, and complications associated with it. The bariatric procedure requires certain maintenance like changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits. Most patients are motivated to take up this treatment as it is successful in the long run.

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Weight loss surgery for better health