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Some people burn calories by going to gym or by doing treadmill walk but for some people it doesn’t appeal so they can burn calories by doing everyday activities. Few researches show that people who are doing physically activities regularly will burn average of 300 calories in a day. If that person sits ideal for minimum 12 days will an extra pound of weight which will be difficult to reduce. These extra 300 calories per day comes from the non-activities that expend like sleeping, eating and simply sitting. Some useful exercising activities include walking, jogging, riding bike, typing in the system, working in the farm and cleaning our house, these activities purely burns our calories and by taking the product which will increase our metabolic heart rate. Hence many agricultural workers and farmers have higher metabolic heart rates than the people who live in city lifestyles. Walking, running, jogging, riding and typing kind of activities are simply said in the form of ‘NEAT’ way. Burning of calories through ‘NEAT’ varies for each person till 2000 calories in a day for two persons of similar size. If a person wants to burn more calories in a day then do more physical activities than usual doing activities throughout the entire day.

Weight Loss

The other best way to reduce weight is to avoid sitting for long time and perform calorie burning activities in the day-to-day life which will indirectly increase the daily routine and there is a health mix product which also reduces weight considerably. Common people can increase their physical activities slowly by doing small works like walk to your colleague’s place to check what’s happening rather than sending e-mail or calling, avoid escalator and take stairs when needed, avoid servants to clean your house rather clean it by yourself which will be a great exercise, avoid driving car and use bikes to ride or do walking. By taking your dogs out for frequent walk will also be a great exercise. There is a machine called pedometer through which you can count the number of steps you take every day. Once if you get an idea of how much steps you take daily on average then you can slowly increase your number of steps and create useful ways to increase your number of steps. After you know the tips to increase your walk then you will automatically do volunteer works, the more you walk will lead you healthy.

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