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Tips to buy Hair Growth Shampoo

Do you know there is a strong connection between women and their hair? One of a woman’s worst nightmares is seeing her hair reducing; one thing that can help though is the use of shampoo. Choosing the right shampoo for the hair is also very important and if not done with care, it will add more to the problem rather than solving them.

In this article I will be discussing things a woman must think about why buying a shampoo and how she can know exactly which hair growth shampoo is the best is for her.

Know Your Scalp Type

Hair will look unhealthy if the scalp is also unhealthy. Knowing your scalp type will go a long way in defining the type of shampoo you will buy or apply to your hair to get the best result. Scalp profile changes over time, in fact weather is a defining factor. During the winter the scalp tends to be too dry, and during rainy season it most often becomes so oily. This is one of the reasons why you can’t keep using the same shampoo during different times of the year. The available scalps and their characteristics are:

  • Normal Scalp: This type of scalp is less problematic because it doesn’t change with a shift in weather conditions.It remains constant but most times, when people with normal scalp notice a change in their scalp, they typically rush to apply shampoo and this causes more harm than good.
  • Dry Scalp: For the type of scalp, the best option is moisturising or hydrating shampoo that will keep the scalp hydrated always.
  • Oily Scalp: For such scalp type, moisturising or hydrating shampoo is a very wrong idea, a no-go zone, instead werecommend a volumizing or a strengthening shampoo.

Know Your Hair Type

Like other part of the body, our hair also has different compartments or categories. These categories also help in detecting the best shampoo appropriate for your hair. We have the thin hair, medium thick hair and the thick hair. This is one reason why you might need to apply more than one type of shampoo to your hair. What do they all mean and how do they define your shampoo?

  • Thin Hair: The hair is relatively scanty, if you have very thin hair, all you need is a volume-adding women’s shampoo. The function is to add a reasonable amount of hair to the head. For thin hair and normal or oily scalp, a strengthening and volume adding shampoo is very appropriate. For thin and dry scalp, a moisturising and volume-adding shampoo is the most appropriate.
  • Medium Hair: Medium is very easy to maintain. It is just the normal amount not too little not too much. Little wonder most women desire this type of hair. A very pure moisturising shampoo is the best for such ones.
  • Thick Hair: This is very hard to take care of, it is full. For such hair choosing shampoos that hydrates it or one that moisturises it is the best option.


Choosing the best shampoo is not a hard task, you just need to understand what you need for your hair type. Also, remember that one method or hair product does not work for everyone the same way so you should patiently find what works for your hair and scap type.

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Tips to buy Hair Growth Shampoo