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Things you must know about Pico Laser

Technology is transforming rapidly in the cosmetic and beauty treatments industries. Some devices constitute the bounds and leaps people experience. The latest laser treatment for Tattoos and Pigmentation is the Pico Laser. It has been gaining popularity in recent months. With an invasion of influencers and celebrities publicizing it on social media. Yet, not all Pico Lasers are made equally, there are different machines in the market. Usually, Pico Laser differs from clinic to clinic. Read more about pico laser in Singapore here.

 What is a Pico Laser?

Pico Laser is an enhanced technology for the treatment of pores, skin pigmentations, and scars. The term “Pico” received a lot of traction as the modern buzzword in aesthetic medicine. It has also one of the most requested types of aesthetic treatment in Singapore. Pico laser is not a name of a laser machine or a brand, yet refers to a type of laser technology.

Pico laser is the latest generation in which the laser is launched with a very short pulse period in picoseconds.

Know how does Pico Laser works?

 Pico laser technology permits effective, quick, and highly selective treatment. For tattoos and pigmented lesions. This laser also increases elastin production in the skin. This results in a softer and fuller more youthful complexion. The Pico laser executes by sending ultra-short pulses of energy without heat to focus on targeted problems areas. The impact of the laser on the skin is intense, shattering the problem skin particles or pigments.

Read more about pico laser in Singapore here.

The Pico laser is extremely accurate. Letting the practitioner meets the ideal photomechanical effect. The laser’s effect on the outer layer of the skin is gentle, though its pulses of energy are concentrated.

Pico laser for Tattoos and Skin Pigmentation

In the treatment of tattoos or skin pigmentation, energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigments. This eventually heats the pigment molecules like ink particles or melanin. By laser energy, these molecules break into smaller particles. These smaller particles are captivated and drained by the immune system of the human.

Pico laser for Scars and Pores, Skin Rejuvenation

Pico laser is also known to be effective in treating problems in skin texture. It has been shown that the outcome from consecutive treatment of acne scars with Pico laser is better. Compared to a series of fractional ablative laser treatments. In other words, scars such as box and rolling scars, large pores, and also uneven skin texture can be treated with Pico laser.

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Things you must know about Pico Laser