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The triumphant Trio with Cryo!

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Get all geared up to experience the powerful trio in Cryotherapy. Yes, the NYC based advanced Cryo clinic is all set to invite people to try its amazing variants related to health, fitness, and beauty. If Cryotherapy is a new concept to you, then here is a brief explanation of it

The term Cryotherapy comes from two Greek words ‘Cryo’ meaning cold and ‘therapy’ meaning cure, put together it is cold-treatment. Cold-treatment to what is the question here. Extreme cold can treat almost every issues related to the body from skin layer to malignant tumors. So this Cryotherapy is nothing but exposing your skin to intense low temperatures to treat the issue. The magic works by the concept of creating a difference in temperature in the body so that the brain sends signals to the affected area with many supplements and helps cure faster than expected. This is the idea behind Cryotherapy.

The trio:

The trio am talking about in Cryotherapy is the whole body Cryotherapy, Local application Cryotherapy and Cryofacial. To know more in detail have a look at this link and you will soon figure out the importance of Cryo.

Whole body therapy:

From skin related to issues to soothing pain, this whole body treatment tops the trio list in Cryotherapy. The clinic also claims that they have famous personalities as their regular clients! In this treatment, you are put into a Cryosauna that contains nitrogen in its gaseous form at a temperature of -274 F. With such low temperatures your body readily reacts to stimuli and responds in a way that paves way for essential supplements to distribute all over the body. This repairs the skin tissues and leaves a healthy looking skin and also it alleviates the pain if present.


  • Reduced cellulite
  • Increase in energy
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Improvement in immune system
  • Spike in metabolism thus promoting weight loss

Local application Cryotherapy:

This, on the other hand, is targeted to specific areas and is useful for people with injury or intense pain in one or several areas of the body. Lower back pain has become a common age-related issue in both men and women. If you suffer chronic pain in the spine or joints then local application therapy is a must try since it has a unique way of healing it faster. Also, athletes can use this to prevent injuries in addition to treating them.


  • Reduced pain and soreness
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Overall improvement in targeted area


The last and the most wanted among the Cryotherapy trio is the Cryofacial, a popular treatment among women. A normal facial lasting for 30-40 minutes is believed to do wonders for your skin so as this Cryofacial. The long works hours in front of system, poor diet and idle lifestyle reflects on your face first before it spreads to other parts of your body. This facial is non-invasive and proven to decrease wrinkles and fine lines to a great extent.


  • Boosts collagen and repair skin
  • Removes wrinkles, fine lines, and puffy eyes
  • Provides smoother and firmer skin

The triumphant trio needs a check immediately to gain its benefits. Try out the trio and cherish the results for a lifetime.

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The triumphant Trio with Cryo!