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The top positions of breastfeeding

Though the concept of breastfeeding may seem too easy, in reality this is not the case. If you are aware of the best position for breastfeeding baby, you can keep a lot of problems at bay. This is going to ensure a better and satisfying experience on all counts. What are the best positions for breastfeeding? Each of them has their pros along with cons attached to it. The main point of consideration is that that the position should be comfortable and provide maximum support to the mother. You can start in a manner that ensures maximum amount of support for the arms or legs. If the situation wants you can put your feet up as well.

The position of cross cradle hold

This position works out to be the most comfortable for the babies. The mother is seated in a comfortable position with arm rests. The baby is being held in a crook, from the side of the breast that the baby is being fed from. The baby has to be guided to the breast quickly and do take into account that the mother should not lean too much forward or bend over.

best positions for breastfeeding

Cradle hold position

You can cradle the baby on your lap, but they should be lying on your side. If the need arises you can use the help of pillows to support the baby. When the baby is small in the first few weeks some form of pillow support may be needed. In certain cases you may also need to support the breast. The key is to understand on whether the baby has latched on properly or not. They should cover half an inch of the dark area of the nipple. To make it a point that they are resting in a proper manner, do make it a point that the head along with the bottom is at a level at each other.

Breastfeeding in a laid back manner

Here you lay on a couch that proper support to your shoulders or head is ensured. Once again the key is to ensure plenty of support and being comfortable on all counts. In fact you can rest in any form of position which makes you feel comfortable. The cheek of the baby needs to rest on the breast and they would need to be comfortable.

Clutch position

Women who have had a C section type of delivery normally find this position to be very comfortable. The reason of it is that the baby is kept from the incision. The head of the baby is being supported by the hand and the arm goes on to support the back. With the help of the other arm, the breast is supported. The baby should go on to support the mother at a nipple height. If the baby is small then pillows may be needed to bring them at the correct height.

Position of side lying

This is going to be the most comfortable position during the early stages of pregnancy when plenty of rest is needed.

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The top positions of breastfeeding