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Sour Diesel CBD: A Productive and Potent Indica

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Sour Diesel CBD contains 25% CBD, 1-2% THC and 0.1% CBN. The cannabinoid content for this strain makes it a prime candidate for medical marijuana patients because of its strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antioxidant properties. Sour Diesel has an average onset time of around 2 to 3 minutes with a duration of about 45 minutes at moderate dosage levels. This gives the strain some tolerance to multiple uses throughout the day without needing to increase intensity or frequency as much as other strains do. An equitable cross between Chemdawg 91 X NYC Diesel that was made in 2005 by Resin seeds out of Spain, this strain is now available from numerous seed banks around the world. Sour diesel CBDis a cross between Chemdawg and Skunk #1 with skunky, herbal, and lemon flavors combined to produce a pungent earthy diesel flavor. This strain has an F1 hybrid ratio of 1:1 making it one of the most honest and rare strains you can get on the market today – there is no reason not to try this strain if you like Sativa dominant hybrids that contain high CBD and low THC ratios and enjoy sour/citrus flavors. The average nugs for this strain are moderate in size, rarely reaching gigantic proportions but more often than not staying at medium-sized buds which make it great for stealth smoking due to its relatively small size. As far as aroma goes, Sour Diesel has a distinct sour and herbal diesel aroma with some very mild fruity undertones. As the name suggests, Sour Diesel has an extremely pungent sour fuel flavor with hints of sweetness and skunk similar to other famous diesel strains such as Chemdawg and NYC Diesel.

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

This plant delivers powerful Indica aromas with a sour twist that comes from its parent strain—sour diesel cbd hemp flower, which provides it with a unique diesel-like fuel flavor. The flowers are light green in color and have streaks of orange pistils throughout their surface. It looks extremely attractive when grown via hydroponics where you get fat super sticky buds covered with resin crystals everywhere on the plant. It has an indoor flowering time of eight to nine weeks while outdoors it will be ready for harvesting during the middle of October.

There are many medicinal benefits that can be derived from Sour Diesel CBD. It is primarily prescribed to patients suffering from anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), ADD/ADHD, depression, migraines, and muscle spasms among others. However, its effectiveness has not been clinically tested on humans yet so further research is required in this area.

You can buy Sour Diesel CBD oil online legally in many countries for various uses such as pain relief, treatment of cancer or depression, or just for general wellness purposes.

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Sour Diesel CBD: A Productive and Potent Indica