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Simple exercises are enough to maintain health

People are very much conscious about maintaining their health in the proper manner. They use to follow healthy food routine and also they do lot of physical workouts. If you are following this lifestyle you can stay away from the unwanted health disorders. Actually, many individuals think that it is tough to do exercises to maintain health and fitness. The fact is that you don’t have to go to gym which is for building muscles and shaping the body. Basic exercises are more than enough to maintain the health. However the individuals must know the proper way to do the exercises at home. Most importantly they have to make sure what kind of exercises can help them in maintaining their health properly.

Basic exercises to follow

Basic exercise is one of the most important for the beginners to maintain health. Basic exercises are effective for pumping the blood and warm up the muscles. You have to inhale for five counts and exhale for another five.  The simple exercise is that you have to draw both of your legs to your chest and hold them. Now you should curl the head and make a structure like ball. Bring your legs to the position of tabletop. You hip should be parallel to the floor. Now you should hold the thighs and curl up. Then you have to pump your arms up and down. Without taking any break, you have to continue this work out.

Leg exercise

Initially you have to lie down on the mat by placing your ribs and shoulders down. Then you should extend the right leg up to the sky. Now you have to circle the leg around the body from the left shoulder and to right shoulder. Continue this process and then do it in the reverse order.

Cross exercise

To do this exercise, you should lie down on the mat and pull your knees to your chest. You should give support to the head with hands. Then extend the right leg by remaining the left leg bent. Now you can extend you left leg straight by bringing back the right leg to your chest. You should repeat this process for few minutes.

Likewise you can do many simple exercises such as skipping, jumping, cycling, stretches and warm-up exercises. Exercises keep the body energetic through proper blood flow. Appetite gets regulated using exercises. Eat hygienic and organic food and do basic exercises to stay healthy

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Simple exercises are enough to maintain health