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Pros and Cons of using CBD oil

Cannabidiol oil is an extracted portion of oil from the marijuana plant. It is put in use for medical purposes, but is always in controversy. Since, the oil is extracted from the portion of cannabis; the sale of this medical drug is not legal in many parts of the world. CBD oil is one of the many compounds which are obtained from the cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are extracted from cannabis plant. There are many therapeutic uses of this oil and many side-effects from cbd oil. The oils which are obtained from the marijuana plants are obtained at different concentrations. Hence, there usage varies.

CBD and marijuana:

Till most recent times, the popular compound of the cannabis was known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is most common compound which is extracted from the marijuana plants and is mainly used for recreational purposes. However, the plant contains both THC and CBD. Each compound shows different effects and work on body differently. It is like- “having evil twin for a good brother”. Many people disregard both the compounds for this case. The THC compound affects functioning of brain when smoked and consumed in to the body. On the contrary, the CBD does not create psychoactive effect. In fact, CBD is the least processed form of the cannabis plant, which is known as hemp. In order to create the CBD oil, the farmers use hemp plant.

side-effects from cbd oil


When medically researched about the oil of CBD, many potential health benefits have been found. Some of them include relaxing brain from anxiety disorders, used as treatment for patients to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss and treatment of seizures or epilepsy. The neuro-psychiatric disorders are treated with this. These are the medical uses related to brain. However, other uses are related to cancer treatment, anti-inflammatory agent, helps to quit smoking, Type 1 diabetes and acne troubles. The most recommended medical use of this compound is to induce sleep and cure insomnia. The plant extract is mixed with oil or gel and taken in powder form or as oil.


Although, it is medically useful; there are potentially many side-effects from cbd oil. Some of the effects are:

  • Dry mouth: Although, it is not a scary situation, but can be certainly un comfortable. The endocannabinoid system gets involved with the saliva secretion glands and alter the process; leaving a person with dry mouth.
  • Increased tremors in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease: If consumed in large doses, can revere the affect the CBD has on the patients suffering with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Low Blood Pressure: when the CBD enters your system, there might be a small changes in your blood pressure and cause lowering of it.
  • Light headedness: this is a result of drop in blood pressure. However, I can be recovered by consuming a glass of milk or tea.
  • Drowsiness: Although, it is best agent for people suffering from insomnia, it is also potential side-effect when people consume it for other uses. Hence, consuming this compound during the day is not advisable.
  • Decreased activities of p-glycoprotein in human body or reduced number of drug transporters: it reduces the activity of enzymes present in liver such as cytochrome P450. This causes neutralization of drug processing in the body. Hence, before consuming the CBD oil, make sure of its effects on the liver.
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Pros and Cons of using CBD oil