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Negative Air Pressure for Hospital Isolation Rooms

Contamination and control

Controlling and containing diseases is very important in a hospital setting, due to this many different systems have been implemented that serve this purpose very well. One such system is a negative air pressure isolation room; a negative air pressure isolation room is a room that keeps a contaminated subject from spreading disease to others on that hospital floor. A system like this is very important for diseases that are easily spread like the recent covid-19 virus.

How They Work

In a negative air isolation room, the air is pumped from above the patient’s feet and pulled through a vent above their head. Negative air machines may serve multiple rooms but must have filters to catch any contaminants so that recycled air is not carrying the disease. Negative air machines have strict qualifications to serve their jobs and are not allowed to be used if they do not meet requirements. Rooms specially designed for this purpose have to be built into the hospital either when the construction is starting or the hospital is being remodeled. Welded ductwork carries the contamination away from patients and Hospital personnel filtered out of the air system so as to not spread any disease. There are also rooms designed for the opposite effect best to keep diseases away from immunocompromised patients that may contract diseases more easily. In this situation, a vent is placed at the aforementioned patient’s head and is vented out by the door. Constant positive pressure is kept in the room so as to not let any airborne contaminants inside.

Strict Requirements

Systems like these have very strict requirements to keep everybody safe. one of these requirements is to have a reliable monitor that is able to keep track of the air pressure in the room, these may be as simple as a flutter strip but most hospitals choose to install automatic sensors to adhere to regulation. Negative air pressure rooms must have a negative 0.03-inch WC at all times. Whereas a positive air pressure room must maintain at least a positive 0.01-inch WC. If either one of these systems should fail an alarm would be programmed to activate, as to alert Personnel to the issue. all of these are systems at a minimum must have 7 pre-filters with 14 final filters, exhaust fans must also be located outdoors and placed as far away from public areas and intakes as possible and most should be vented vertically to avoid potential contamination. These fans must be hooked up to emergency power and meet the requirements of the Center for Disease Control and prevention.

Safety and Necessity

These systems are constantly helping patients and Hospital personnel keep everyone as healthy as can be. They are necessary for the modern hospital environments due to the many Airborne diseases that must be combated. More and more hospitals have adopted the policy of installing these expensive but very necessary systems to safeguard people from harmful diseases. This Prevention is helpful to all in the hospital environment.

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Negative Air Pressure for Hospital Isolation Rooms