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Looking For a Cheap Makeup Primer with Good Reviews? You Are at the Right Place

Women like to experiment, whether it is with clothes, style, cloths, accessories or anything. But when it comes to experimenting with new products on the face, it is a big no. nobody want to take the risk of buying makeup stuffs and throw it away if it doesn’t work on them. What they prefer is the reviews of the product given by the users to be on a safer side and get details about the product, its uses, effectiveness and duration. So if you are one among them, here are the reviews of some inexpensive face primer brands at supportyourbeauty.com.

A face primer is considered as an essential step in makeup routine by many to look better, smooth and make it last long. With being effective, to be affordable is equally important. Below are the reviews of five best rated cheap primers available in the drugstore

  1. l.f mineral infused primer: it is a five star rated primer for the product itself as well as for its quality. It is suitable for oily skin and keeps your makeup flawless. The users have liked how it hides the skin imperfections like scars and acne and keep the oily face stay matte for longer period of time. It has got four stars for its price. But the product quantity is less and also may cause breakouts in some people. it is available in different variant
  • Lavender- for brightening the face
  • Green- for correcting redness and blotchiness on the face
  • Pink- to get a radiant glow on the face
  • Clear- use as a base for foundation to get smoothness

  1. Maybelline New York pore eraser primer: rated as 4.5 out of five starts for its quality, it is one of the best primers for acne prone oily skin. In is expensive, rated four for its price, that gives you baby soft skin and matte look and reduce inflammation as well as make pores look smaller.it also helps to keep make up on place. But what actually lacks is that it may fail to keep your face from getting oily after hours of application.
  2. L’Oreal Paris studio magic perfecting base: it has also been rated 4.5 stars for the great quality and 4 starts for the cheap price. What makes them different is the airy texture that would make you feel light and hides all the fine lines under the eyes very well. Thus it gives airbrushed appearance. This is best for mature skin but may not keep oily skin matte.
  3. Revlon photo ready perfecting primer: rated four stars both for its quality and less price, it is primer that is fragrant, paraben, oil and talc free that gives you smooth look which is slightly dewy and not oily at all. It is loved to be applied before taking pictures and for the reason how satin finish it gives to the face. But it may not be that much long lasting.
  4. Rommel stay matte primer: again rated four for its quality and affordable price, this primer is a British brand which is water based that is lightweight on the skin, keeps it shine free and durable whole day. It keeps oily skin look matte throughout in muggy weather as well. What is not liked about the product is the glue like smell and grainy texture and also it makes the foundation clump on the face.

Choose what is best for you and stay beautiful always.



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Looking For a Cheap Makeup Primer with Good Reviews? You Are at the Right Place