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Is Body Beast Program Suitable for Women?

Developed by SagiKalev, a professional body builder himself, this body building program consists of several exercises that enable one build their body so that it gains the mass and strength of your dreams. With today’s fast-food eating habits, it is essential that one spends time working out to maintain their body’s fitness. Having understood greatly the need for high-impact, low-intensity programs, Sagihas combined all the necessary exercises (including advices on the diet to be followed) in the body beast program.

Having mentioned that the program’s main objective is for building up one’s body mass and strength, very often there are queries raised as to whether the program is suitable for women. The answer for the same is that the program is perfectly suitable for women who want to get stronger. Here is how the program will get you to the body you want!

  • To all the women, you will not turn into a hulk!

Though the body beast program is aimed at increasing one’s body mass, women simply do not have enough testosterone that can make them bulkier. But if you are taking some testosterone enhancing supplement or overeating, then it is something you should be concerned about.

  • It builds up your strength

As women age, the muscles in your body loses its mass, and consequently, the body loses strength. This fitness program contains weight lifting sessions that help increase your body’s strength. This in turn can help reduce the effort in climbing staircases, carrying groceries, etc.

  • It helps reduce your body weight

The body beast workout program is developed so as to build body mass and strength. But this does not mean that it won’t help your body lose a few pounds. While performing the body beast workout program, one can gain or lose weight. It all depends upon your diet. If you overeat, then the probability that you will gain weight is very high.

  • Regarding supplement intake

Body Beast offers four major supplements: Hardcore Base Shake, Super Suma, Fuel Shot and M.A.X Creatine. All the four supplements are suitable for both men and women. However, supplement intake for women depends on their objective. Therefore, do research and get a clear idea on the supplements you need and the ones you don’t.

While this workout program is best suited for building mass, strength and even gain or lose a few pounds, it may not be the first choice for all women. But if you are to select body beast as your workout partner, for the best results, your dietary and workout routines must be planned and undertaken based on the goal that you are set to achieve through the program.

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Is Body Beast Program Suitable for Women?