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How To Detect Scams When Buying Steroids Online

One of the ways steroid sellers entice customers to purchase their product is to offer free trials. You see these offers on Facebook, on your email, or in different websites. While they can be quite enticing, there are plenty of reasons why you should avoid these offers. Many people have been victimized by these offers when they buy steroids in America. So how do you detect these scams? Read on and be guided on how to best avoid them.

They Are Often Expensive

Steroids are already expensive in itself. However, if you have experienced these trial offers, then you already have an idea of how expensive they truly are. Most of these offers use an auto-ship scheme. This means that upon signing up, they will still deliver the product to you every month. This is fine if the products were affordable but they are not. Most of the time, they are twice or thrice more expensive than the popular brands.

Delivery Does Not Arrive

Another indicator of a scam when you Buy steroids America is that the trial product does not arrive. Unfortunately, you will still be billed for the product that you did not receive. 

Shady Customer Support

There are many websites offering steroids online. The problem is that they have zero customer support. Often, their phone numbers and emails are incorrectly listed as well.

How To Detect Scams When Buying Steroids Online

They Are Hard to Cancel

Without customer service to get in touch with, how can you cancel the trial? This is one issue besetting hundreds of people who were unfortunate victims of these scams.

The Product Offered Is Rubbish

Aside from the lack of customer support, these scam websites also provide no assurance that the product ordered will work as advertised. Most trial products have no information about the ingredients. For all you know, the product you are ordering is full of “sawdust.”

Offer Is Too Good To Be True

Another method that indicates that a trial offer is a scam is by making outrageous claims. They even post before and after photos to back up their claim. Taking their claims to the next level, they even hire a bogus doctor who is willing to stake their name just to make the product look credible.

Product Contains Proprietary Blends 

Proprietary blends make sense in a way. The idea behind it is that the company will hide their secret formula or recipe. They will indicate the ingredients but not the amount of each if they are in a blend. They will just show the total quantity of the entire blend. The company only does not want their competitors to figure out their secret formula and copy them. While not showing the proprietary blend is not a sign of dishonesty, it can still raise some suspicion.

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How To Detect Scams When Buying Steroids Online