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Essential Steps of Teeth Whitening

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As we all know, having white and healthy teeth is one of the most efficient factors about your appearance and oral health. Nowadays, teething whitening has become almost the most popular cosmetic dentistry among people.  This treatment is affordable for everyone, and you can see the results immediately. But why is teeth whitening necessary? As a teeth whitening expert in North York from Pearl Dental Group mentions, regular foods and drinks may penetrate your tooth structure and causes some unpleasant deep dental spots. This problem is not about your teeth’ surfaces, so you can’t remove them with different kinds of toothbrushes or toothpaste. The teeth whitening procedure help you to remove that dental spots deeply so you can give your shiny smile back. So if you notice any dark spots on your teeth and you can’t remove them with any hygiene tools, you probably need to visit a teeth whitening dentist. But as a patient, it’s your inalienable right to be aware of the teeth whitening process. Here is the list of teething whitening steps that patients will experience in the dental clinic.

Checking your teeth shades: at the first level, your teeth whitening dentist needs to carefully review your teeth’ shades. Thus check-up gives him the necessary information about your condition. Whitening solutions are various in their bleaching agent depends on your teeth shades. Then your teeth whitening can exactly understand the suitable whitening solution.

Oral drying: your tongue and cheeks shouldn’t be in touch with a whitening solution at all. Also, your saliva can disturb the process and decrease the efficacy of the mixture, so your teeth whitening dentist put a specific drying gauze to prevent all those risks.

Oral drying

Complete cleaning: your dentist will completely clean your mouth and teeth to make the best situation for the process. Teeth whitening dentists usually use pumice to have excellent hygiene and remove some dental plaques to enhance teeth whitening.

Whitening agent coating: the most crucial step is to coat your teeth thoroughly with a whitening solution. Your dentist applies it just on the front side of your teeth and lets it absorb for about half an hour. This whitening solution will temporarily open your dental pores, permeate your teeth, and remove unpleasant stains.

Rinsing and cleaning: when your teeth whitening realize that the proper dental shade has been achieved, he will wash your mouth completely to remove any residue of the whitening solution. He may even decide to brush you’d like teeth with a professional toothbrush to get a better result.

Using fluoride treatment: this step is optional, but most dentists prefer to provide this option for their patients to have excellent teeth whitening. Your dentist will brush your teeth with fluoride varnish. Fluoride is a fantastic substance that gives you shiny teeth. It helps you to keep this whiteness and shining for a while. It’s also effective in removing harmful dental bacteria, which leads to dental spots.

Your teeth will be a bit sensitive after a teeth whitening treatment, but it’s normal. If you realize this sensitivity continues for a long time, contact your teeth whitening dentist as soon as possible.

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Essential Steps of Teeth Whitening