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Do You Know What Are the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants?

Teeth are one of the most important organs in the human body. They are essential elements for daily activities such as eating, talking, and even smiling. When you lose teeth, these daily activities can be challenging and uncomfortable. In an¬†Oakville dental implants¬†specialist’s opinion, tooth loss can affect your mood and decrease your self-confidence and can lead to long-term damage if left untreated. So, treating and replace missing teeth as soon as possible is of the essence. Dental implants are one of the best-suggested options for those who suffer from tooth loss. They can put an end to your discomfort and restore your smile. But like any other cosmetics treatment, there are many pros and cons for dental implants. We will address some of these pros and cons in detail.

The dental implant procedure is placing a metal post in the jawbone to act as an artificial root. This is a surgery that typically involves removing teeth, cutting the gums, drilling into the jawbone, and replacing the titanium, which is very compatible with the human body.

The most popular advantage of dental implants is their natural look. They look like real teeth to the extent that you can hardly diagnose the difference between your replacement teeth and your real teeth after the dental implant installation. Besides, dental implants are as strong as your real teeth. You can eat and talk as usual with dental implants. Another positive point for dental implants is their life span. If you take care of the implants, they can last a lifetime, and this advantage has made it a very valuable investment for many people. Dental implants are very easy to clean and maintain, so they are very extremely hygienic treatment chosen by patients, and their cost attracts dental patients as well. Dental implant cost is about half of traditional dental cosmetic procedures. Another popular benefit of dental implants is the short time needed for applying. It usually takes half a day.

After mentioning the advantages, let’s take a look at the downside of dental implants. Firstly, there may be a pain, bleeding, or swelling after dental implant surgery. Although dental implants’ side effects are rare, your gums may become infected after the implant is placed. In the most severe cases, dental implants’ complications can lead to periodontal disease and lead to bone loss. Dental implants may fail. The rate of dental implant failure has been the lowest, and the vast majority of patients will not experience any problems. Only a few percent of patients experience dental implant failure, but this is a risk that patients should consider.

Finally, every patient cannot be a good candidate for the dental implant procedure. There is a list of people who shouldn’t choose dental implants treatments. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes are at the highest risk. Cancer patients or patients being treated for cancer should avoid dental implant treatment. Alcohol addicted people are not allowed to go under dental implants surgery. Dental implants are forbidden for Patients with existing gum disease. Patients who smoke regularly are not suggested to have dental implants.

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Do You Know What Are the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants?