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Body Mass Index Rules The Healthy World And Regulates Every Person To Stay Healthy

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Leading a healthy life is most important than anything else in this world. Healthy life will give strength to lead a happy and serene life. Healthy life involves healthy habits of eating and other healthy habits like waking up early in the morning, going to bed on time, daily physical activity and so on. Eating is also a part of healthy living. Hence it should be properly taken care of. Eating on time, eating healthy foods, balanced diet are some of the essential features to be taken care of while discussion about healthy kind of living. Children should be taught about this from their young age itself. Today, the obesity in kids has increased enormously. The parents don’t give much importance about teaching their children about good eating habits. The children are allowed to eat all those junk foods which directly lead to obesity. Kids are generally attracted towards the junk food, it is the responsibility of the parent and teacher to guide them from their childhood and start practice them to eat only healthy things. They should be introduced to fresh fruits and vegetables. This will give them a kind of confidence since they will stay healthy without any further complaints in their body. If they are introduced to all junk foods at this early stage itself then their body will not function normally.

Stay Healthy

The body mass index will help you to indicate the occurrence of obesity or malnutrition in your body. You should be able to act accordingly in order to get rid of from those diseases. Anything that is outside the limits is not good and in the same way, the food and nutrition should be within the limits according to the age and need. Hence start living a healthy life from today by eating only healthy foods. This will keep your body fresh and this will definitely have an impact in your mind also. You will feel rejuvenated at mind level and this will help you to lead a stress-less life. This measurement can be done at home itself just by measuring your weight and height. The scientists say that weight is relatively measured in terms of height and this explains the definition of body mass index. Therefore keep yourself motivated to lead a happy life by leading a healthy life. There are limitations everywhere and one such limitation in body mass index is that it cannot be accurate all the times. It is inappropriate at certain situations like it cannot be accurate for children and older person. A body builder or weight lifter or any sportsperson will have muscle mass on the whole body. Hence this cannot be taken into consideration while calculating body mass index for any athlete person. Hence take proper care of your health by consuming healthy foods.

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Body Mass Index Rules The Healthy World And Regulates Every Person To Stay Healthy