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Anabolic Steroids in the UK

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Steroids are available in limited countries due to its ability to abuse and misuse. It is known as a controlled substance in the US and is therefore, banned there. But what about the United Kingdom? Is it banned there too? It is necessary for you to know the rules for steroids when you are visiting it for vacation or for other purposes. If you are a resident there then ensure you know what the rules have in store for you so that you are safe from any legal implications. Many countries do not allow the use of steroids for any kind of purposes and you should be aware of such rules so that you donot get into unnecessary trouble. There is a list of approved substances in the UK which should be known to all.

How do you know if the steroid is approved or not?

Steroids are not easily available in any part of the world unless it is approved. If it is sold by the underground labs or boot leggers then you should be vigilant about its quality and price. Both are very vulnerable and harmful to you. If you consume a steroid that is not real then you may be ruining your body organs which cannot be repaired to treated with ease. If you are purchasing the steroid at a high price and do not get the quality then also you are at a financial loss. You should check for the list of approved substances in the UK before you buy them. There are many sources which provide the best quality product in steroids. Steroids such as anabolic and androgenic are very common among athletes and body builders. It gives them immense power and strength to work more and get a great body with lean muscle mass.

Anabolic Steroids in the UK

Usually steroids are sold for medical purposes and can be purchased from the medical stores so that you can make the most use of it. But they are sold on a condition that you attain a valid prescription for it so that you are not cheated and do not misuse it. You can possess an anabolic steroid in the UK when you do so for personal use only. They can be imported and exported in the UK only if you do it in person and not through any third party such as courier or freight or postal services. But if you are found giving this steroid to someone to consume or if you are transporting them for commercial purposes then it is illegal and you may face legal charges as well. You cannot purchase steroids online and ship them to any address in the UK. It is considered as illegal. It is treated to be a huge offense and you may be jailed for a year up to five years and a fine of $1000 to $250,000 can be charged irrespective of it being your first time. Such charges and fine can ruin your current lifestyle so be cautious before you take any step.

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Anabolic Steroids in the UK