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An overview about weight loss surgery?

 In modern lifestyles, obesity is a silent killer. A lot of us are suffering from it and resort to a lot of mechanisms in order to keep our weight under control. What happens if diet, exercise or changes in lifestyle fail to churn the desired results?  Yes you would need to turn to weight loss surgery. It has gone on to become a popular method of eradicating weight loss. In the coming years obesity is going to be a major issue that is going to be a cause of concern and breeding ground for numerous diseases at the same time.

Is this surgery a right option for you?

Any weight loss surgery is recommended for a patient who is morbidly obese or overweight. You would have planned various ways to shed those extra kilos but the results have not gone in your way. Doctors do observe a person from head to toe and find out whether he is a proper candidate for weight loss surgery. In order to qualify for the surgery you need to have a body mass index that is greater than 40. There are other factors which will help the surgeon to figure out whether you are a proper candidate for surgery

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  • Age- any weight loss surgery can be performed on any person who is between the ages of 18 to 60
  • Weight – if your weight happens to be twice than your ideal body weight then you are a candidate for this surgery
  • Hormonal changes – If any sort of hormonal changes are in any way responsible for putting on extra weight.
  • Commitment – Perhaps the most important of consideration. There is a commitment on behalf of an individual that he is likely to change his lifestyle and diet habits to cope up with the surgery. It is not only in the present day context but for the future.
  • History- if there is a family history of you putting on weight and losing it then you are a likely candidate for the same
  • Addictions- If you are addicted to smoking or any other substance

If all the above requirements are compiled with, then you are a good candidate for a surgery


Any weight loss surgery works out to be a life changing process and one that needs to be given a lot of thought. You would need to undertake some basic steps in relation to be part of the surgery and this does include the following

  • History associated with all diet attempts
  • Medications along with the dose you are consuming
  • Any form of medical records

The key is to make significant changes to your lifestyle along with eating habits. If you do so you can prepare yourself in the best possible way.

Why India

The best weight loss doctors in India have set new benchmarks as far as weight loss procedures are concerned. Most of them have gone on to incorporate the latest in surgical methods. Coupled with the fact that their track record is the best in the world.

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An overview about weight loss surgery?