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4 Tips on How You Can Enjoy an Antioxidant Tea

Drinking teas might not be everyone’s favorite. But we can’t deny that teas (especially the ones rich in flavors and ingredients) have a plethora of benefits that are good for the body. It has serious health benefits which can be attributed to two properties. What’s more is that it has an antioxidant known to reduce the risk of heart disease and growth of cancer cells.

Over the years, different tea manufacturers around the world focused on using local products (mostly 100% organic and pure). Regardless of what you prefer and what the doctor suggests, drinking a healthy and well-brewed tea has its positive points.

How to make the most out of your tea? Here are some tips.

Avoid Having Milk

Tea contains 10x as many antioxidants compared with vegetables and fruits, so it’s simply worth taking thoughts. Several studies have suggested that milk can reduce the antioxidants bioavailability of the tea. So, having a milk can affect the positive effects of tea. Others, however, recommend that there’s no difference.  No matter what you believe in, make sure it’s good and safe for your condition.

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Choose the Right Type of Tea

While most tea drinkers strongly recommend the green type, there are more types which could be ideal for the body and mind.

  • White tea

You might be surprised, but yes, there is a white tea which is made from young leaves and new growth buds of a tea plant. Since it’s minimally processed, the content of the antioxidant is higher compared than other tea types. It’s easy to drink and has low caffeine content, making it a perfect choice for people who don’t want coffees.

  • Green tea

It’s the popular one since it contains a variety of impressive benefits that can slow down a number of health issues such as a slow metabolism, aging and many more.

  • Black tea

This tea undergoes several procedures to reach the desired aroma and taste. While its benefits are not different from others; selecting the best type for you depends on your taste.

These are only a few examples of the teas that can be found in the market. To learn more, dig deeper information by visiting on a amlagreen site.

Brew Tea Properly

The best way you can enjoy your tea is to brew it for at least 20 minutes. Brewing it properly makes the healthy elements active and can give you the health benefits which your body deserved to get.

Don’t be tempted to shake your tea

Shaking, whisking and tapping too much can affect the taste of the tea and make it bitter. Aside from having a bad taste, doing these activities might bond to iron molecules on the recent foods you’ve consumed, preventing them from being completely absorbed.

No matter how much you appreciate your tea or how serious you are on the brewing and preparation process, what matters is that you simply enjoy your hot cup of tea. If it has benefits and presents a great taste, why not enjoy it, right?

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4 Tips on How You Can Enjoy an Antioxidant Tea